Healthy ageing

With the United Nations declaring 2021 to 2030 the Decade of Healthy Ageing, York and North Yorkshire is perfectly placed to lead innovations in health technology, medical care, research and development.

Key information

The UK is known for world-leading scientific research and development capabilities, while our health and care system is globally recognised as successful and trusted. We are a major player on the global healthcare stage.

Here in York and North Yorkshire we have a unique demographic in 23.5% of our residents being over 65-years-old. This, along with our region’s research and development assets, means we are perfectly placed to lead the way in the life sciences aimed at healthy ageing.

The Department for Business Trade (DBT) is now promoting the UK as a testbed for developing products and services to find solutions to some of the most common issues affecting older people. Through investment, York and North Yorkshire intends to be at the forefront of that ambition.