Meet your Mayor

David Skaith

I grew up in Harrogate, where my family still live and my brother serves as a police officer. I’m now raising my two young children with my wife just outside York.

I love our region but I also understand the challenges faced by ordinary families.

I want my children to grow up in a North Yorkshire that is full of opportunity.

I’m not a career politician. I run a small business and I’m Chair of the York High Street Forum. I know how to balance the books.

I would be a value for money Mayor, always spending taxpayers’ money wisely.

I have a credible plan to deliver for York and North Yorkshire, using my experience in business to get the best deal for our region.

More information about the election results for York residents

More information about the election results for North Yorkshire residents

What is the role of Mayor?

When they are elected in May 2024, the Combined Authority will be led by the York and North Yorkshire Mayor. The York and North Yorkshire Mayor chairs the Combined Authority Board.

The role of the mayor is to work alongside local leaders to create a long-term vision, secure more investment into the region. The mayor is not a serving councillor and will not replace the leaders of existing councils. Once elected, the York and North Yorkshire Mayor will serve a 4-year term, at which point they can choose to stand for re-election.

What are the powers and responsibilities of the York and North Yorkshire Mayor?

The Mayor will have certain powers and responsibilities, devolved to them by central government.

The full range of powers and responsibilities can be reviewed in the Combined Authority Constitution.

In summary these include:

      • Responsibility for 30-year Mayoral Investment Fund and the powers to borrow against funds
      • Full devolution of the Adult Education Budget
      • Powers to improve the supply and quality of housing and secure the development of land or infrastructure
      • Powers and funds to improve transport through a consolidated, devolved, multi-year transport settlement
      • Responsibilities for community safety and the powers to appoint a Deputy Mayor who will carry out many of the duties currently held by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner 

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