York and North Yorkshire has a well-established and thriving manufacturing sector comprising more than 1,500 businesses employing 43,000 people. Our strengths lie in a range of sectors from precision engineering to food and drink production.

Key information

Things are made in York and North Yorkshire.

We are a thriving manufacturing region with leading and specialist companies, providing direct-to-market and supply chain products.

We are home to global brands like Nestle, McCains, Heineken and Taylors of Harrogate – food and drink producers who contribute £3 billion in economic value to the region.

Alongside the UK’s biggest bus assembly company Alexander Dennis, and other significant names including Severfield, EJOT and Ellis Patents, the engineering industry boasts an 18,000-strong workforce.

Our region and its neighbouring areas provide access to an abundance of academic, specialist and general recruitment, training and research and development support.

The strengths of our region act as magnets to other manufacturers, and we welcome new investment, whether from the UK or abroad, as we look to become a production and advanced engineering hub of excellence.