David Skaith, Mayor of York and North Yorkshire, said on the election of the new Government:

As a carbon negative economy. For the UK to achieve net zero, places like York and North Yorkshire need to reach further to become carbon negative. We have the plans, the capability and the ambition to achieve this.


In York and North Yorkshire we have a unique proposition. Our innovation assets, our natural capital, strong support from industry and an ambitious business base all combine to offer substantial potential to deliver green growth.


Our strengths also position York and North Yorkshire to create solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges, of food insecurity and sustainable energy generation. I will be positioning York and North Yorkshire as a powerful test bed from which resilience on nationally significant issues can be borne.


By driving green growth, we can create wealth and tackle inequality in our rural and coastal communities.


A safe and affordable home is the foundation on which opportunity builds. The housing crisis in York and North Yorkshire is one of my biggest priorities. I will work to ensure that in meeting our own significant need for affordable homes, we make a significant contribution to national housing targets.


Finally, I would like to congratulate all MPs who have won seats in York and North Yorkshire. I look forward to working alongside you to help the region prosper and make York and North Yorkshire a vibrant place with opportunity for everyone.

Published on Monday, 8th July 2024.