A well-connected economy

Ensure our economic centres are well connected to pan regional, national and international markets​

Our region is well located to take advantage of key transport connections to other major economic centres and markets. York is directly connected by rail to 150 cities, towns and villages across the UK and is within a 2-hour journey to London. We have excellent North-South connections by both road and rail and on the Transpennine route across to Leeds and Manchester. Our region is also close to 3 international airports at Manchester, Leeds/Bradford and Tees Valley. ​

​Ensure the transport and digital connectivity network is available and accessible to all, meaning both urban and rural areas perform equally well​

York and North Yorkshire has strong connectivity in places, providing access within the sub-region and wider afield (regionally, nationally and internationally). However, this isn’t the current landscape for everyone. Connectivity varies greatly and can be very localised, both in terms of transport and digital connectivity. Improved accessibility can open-up a number of economic opportunities, including access to training and education.​

​Everyone within York and North Yorkshire should have the opportunity to go about their business in the most convenient and affordable way, wherever they are in the area. ​

​Meeting the challenge of decarbonisation of our transport systems and greater digital access​

There is no route to a carbon negative economy without a zero emissions transport network. Transport is the biggest contributor to carbon emissions, largely driven by the rural geography and residents and tourists’ reliance on private car usage. Greater digital connectivity and transport innovation offers an opportunity to reduce transport emissions, alongside the development of sustainable transport solutions. ​

​Provide residents and businesses with a range of choices for connectivity that suit their varying needs​

We need to understand consumer’s needs for travel and digital infrastructure to ensure the right infrastructure is place. Needs can differ greatly depending on the perspective (residents, businesses, learners). Data and technology could be used to inform the strategy and future interventions. Strengthening our connectivity will create greater choices and opportunities for our residents. ​

​Our focus will be to…​

  • ​Ensure our economic centres are well connected to pan regional, national and international markets​
  • Meet the challenge of decarbonising our transport systems and increasing uptake of digital solutions​
  • Ensure our residents, learners and businesses have access to the right digital and transport connectivity​
  • Support the holistic requirements of connectivity, not just the infrastructure requirements (for example skills and literacy, future-proofing)​

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