Great places for all

An economic framework shaped by a place-based approach

York and North Yorkshire has a diverse geography, covering rural, coastal and urban. The subregion’s urban centres are different from each other in many ways – location, size, purpose and history all differ, as does economic performance. ​

​By taking a place-based approach, the framework recognises that there are common opportunities and challenges across York and North Yorkshire, but these often need to be addressed in different ways, depending on the local context. A balance needs to be struck between achieving economies of scale, whilst recognising the nuances between our places and uniqueness to our communities. ​

​Places aren’t always defined by town or city boundaries; it can also be a redevelopment area that brings forth multiple opportunities and strengthens the wider community. York Central is a prime example of a collaborative long-term approach to building a thriving community, covering a range of thematic priorities.

​Following a place-based approach will ensure the right interventions are delivered in the right places.​

Our focus will be to:

  • Maximise the opportunities for people and businesses from place based regeneration
  • Support good place making at strategic investment sites
  • Identify new place based strategic economic opportunities


Platform and train lines at railway station

A well-connected economy

Connecting people through great transport and digital technology.

Building materials on a town construction site


Affordable housing plays a big part in the success of the region's economy.

Fountains Abbey

Heritage and culture

A rich backdrop of heritage and cultural offerings can help economic growth.