Grow Yorkshire

Grow Yorkshire is an initiative led by York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority (YNYCA), which recognises food and farming as vital sectors within our region.

Together with our partners, we are investing in the growth and development of food and farming, with a strategic remit across environment, innovation, skills and wellbeing.

That’s why we are undertaking research to identify the current and future skills needs of the agriculture sector. Your feedback, which you can provide by completing the survey below, will be very useful to ensure that skills support is shaped around the real needs of businesses.

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The Grow Yorkshire Strategy

Grow Yorkshire delivers initiatives under our 4 strategic pillars. This ensures we are aligned with our partners, and that we are meeting the needs of Yorkshire farming businesses.


The relationship between agricultural production and the environment is essential to modern, profitable and sustainable farming. Grow Yorkshire provides access to specialist information and support to help farmers understand policies and plan for the future.


Through our partners, Grow Yorkshire connects farmers with farming research by working with leading agricultural colleges, research institutions and businesses. This enables us to develop the knowledge and technologies that will make modern farming more sustainable, resilient, and productive.


Technology is becoming more central to even the most traditional roles in agriculture. Grow Yorkshire collates resources covering business and individual skills to help Yorkshire’s farmers as they transition to delivering environmental benefits alongside food production.


Grow Yorkshire works with experts who ensure farmers’ physical and mental health and wellbeing are not pushed to one side. We provide access to support which help Yorkshire farmers stay safe and healthy on the farm, while combating rural isolation.

Our partners

The Grow Yorkshire Steering Group brings together key organisations that already offer extensive assistance to farmers and farm businesses.

Through a more collaborative and co-ordinated approach, we are looking to increase take up and impact of support services, identify the current and future needs of farming and food insutry and secure future funding and backing from the government to address them.

Grow Yorkshire is also represented in the following organisations or programmes:

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Find help to grow

We want every farming and food business in Yorkshire to be inspired and enabled to seek greater profitability from their business and take those first steps.

The York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub enable businesses of every size and sector to access what they need to drive sucess and manage growth.

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Grow Yorkshire SPF

Investing in the growth and development of food and farming.

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Green and Circular Economy

A way of working using only what we need and making the most of all our resources.

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