York and North Yorkshire Local Area Energy Plans (LAEPs)

Transitioning to net zero energy systems should be well-planned. It saves billions compared to an uncoordinated approach. Local Area Energy Plans (LAEPs) assist us in identifying technologies and approaches for each area in York and North Yorkshire. These plans aim to achieve net zero in the most efficient manner.

Changes needed

Through the 2020 Carbon Abatement Pathways research we identified:

    • what changes we need to make to reach net zero
    • how big those changes need to be
    • when we need to make them by
    • an outline for how to go about implementing these changes

Using funding from the Community Renewal Fund and City of York Council, Local Area Energy Plans (LAEPs) have been created. These identify the changes needed to the local energy system and built environment, detailing ‘what, where, when and by whom’. This information will help us ensure a coordinated approach to the transition of energy systems across our region.

The documents located in the Plan documents section make up the complete York and North Yorkshire Local Area Energy Plan. The plan includes an overview of the entire region, separate LAEP areas, model and data assumptions. It also includes a detailed case study for the village of Stokesley.

On 29 November 2023, revised versions replaced the ‘A1 corridor LAEP’ and ‘The Vale, Moors and Coast LAEP. This was due to corrected errors on the Outline Priority Projects Summary pages.

Plan documents

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Circular economy strategy

Creating a competitive carbon-neutral circular economy.

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Green and circular economy

Our natural assets within a sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure.

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